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La Estrella is well known for their great service providing pawns and collateral loans. In La Estrella we also buy second hand products that are in good condition.
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The idea of a business with a pawn model was born many years ago, when a young Boris Cybul, 19 years old, with a business mind and determination, was traveling abroad and realized that short term quick loans were difficult in Aruba. Realizing that this system was not very common in Aruba, but that it existed all over the world, Boris formed “Estrella America N.V.” and opened its doors in Layex Building, Oranjestad, on October 2001.

"Estrella" was run by Boris, and he got advice from a jeweler friend on the values of the items and was able to provide people of Aruba with small immediate loans that could be approved quickly. The company’s first loan was for AWG 8.00. It was done manually on a note card system for every customer. The amount of customers quickly grew and surpassed Boris expectations.

With the company’s rapid growth in 2003, Boris decided to expand and open a store location in San Nicolas, to make it convenient for all customers who lived on the south side of the island. Later, he also started taking in electronics, cars and anything of value.

In 2003, Mr. Cybul affiliates “La Estrella” to the National Pawn Brokers Association, in which he participated in many conventions and seminars to learn the business and make it more efficient. Still to date, Mr. Cybul, representing “La Estrella”, is an active member and regularly takes part of conventions, meetings, seminars, on site visits at different pawn shops globally to keep his knowledge up to date and is always looking for improvement that can benefit the company, its clients and the community. Currently, “Estrella America N.V.” has 5 different convenient locations with very competent and well trained staff to serve its customers all around Aruba.


"La Estrella" is a company that renders a service of loans with a pledged security, with the aim of contributing with the development of our community and to solve in an immediate way, the needs of countless clients and without great formalities, with a maximum loan of AWG 4.000 per person. For that reason, we are considered a Financial entity, according to the definition given by the CBA: pawn shops/ Compra y Benta companies, are businesses dedicated to grant small loans to individuals against the pledge of goods, or to the business of purchasing tangible personal property, with the condition that same may be redeemed from pawn in a fixed term and calculating interest over the loan capital.

"Estrella America N.V." is a well-known company in the community for always handing out a hand to several local social institutions, sporting teams, family facing calamities, youth organizations and others.

5 Locations
25 Team Members
17 Years
26k Clients

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What We Do

La Estrella provide customers pawns and collateral loans. Apart from this we provide the services like Jewelry Repair, Recharge Setar cards, Arubus Cards, Digicel Cards. Please call us for any other inquiry at +297-582-2364
  • Music Instruments

  • Computers

  • Watches

  • Cameras

  • Gold

  • Cell Phones

  • Television

  • Tablets


Jewelry Repair & Polishing

At La Estrella we repair broken jewelry for a great price and we provide good service. We also polish used gold to make it look brand new.

Recharge Setar / Digicel Cards

At La Estrella you can buy prepaid cellphone           cards to get credit from all major cellphone companies.

Recharge Arubus Cards

La Estrella is one of few places where you have the opportunity to recharge the Public Bus Transportation Cards. You can make recharges starting at AWG 5/- to the amount you desire. All these cards are prepaid.

Our Mission & Vision

To assist the community in need, by granting financial assistance in a timely, professional manner, offering the customers fair value for their assets. In that way, promoting and supporting the social-economic aspect of the community. To continue being the most professional, integral pawn shop on the island, excelling in their service to their clients, and always striving to give the best bet on the personal valuable belongings, keeping the human aspect alive and all complying with the stipulated law and demands that “La Estrella” has to adhere to.

Goals of “La Estrella”:
1. To be the #1 Pawn Shop in the island.
2. To have the greater Compra y Benta coverage within the island.
3. To render the highest service level to our customers.
4. To create new services.
5. To increase our participation in the social and economical development of the island.

Quality Products

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La Estrella have some very fascinating moments to share, Have a look at our team, and virtual tour.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can get answers to your queries just below. Still do you have any question? Or need some more information about us and our services, you can call us on +-297-582-2364 or email us info@arubaestrella.com

La Estrella has different working hours from location to location in our Oranjestad store we are open from 7.30 am to 8:00 pm.
We are located in Oranjestad, San Nicolas, Noord, Dakota, and Certified Mega Mall.
Bring the product you want to put as collateral and a valid identification.
You have the option to redeem the product for up to 90 days. However if you make payments on service charge you may prolong the period depending on the amount of the payment. If you are always up to date with your service charge you will never lose the option to redeem.
If it is a product that is easy no analyze and check the transaction time is about 10 minutes.
All information is safe and is confidential.
We pawn any product that is in good condition and has a resell value. The product has to be in good condition. The most common products we receive are Gold, Laptops, TV's, Computers, Watches, Cars, Instruments, Cellphones and Tablets.
You need to come to one of our 5 locations with a Valid I.D. and we can get all the information about your pawn account.
La Estrella has a team of Customer Service representatives that will remind you about your loan to avoid you falling behind they are there to help you and keep in touch to make sure you are aware of your loan and remind you of payments.
La Estrella does not have a limit on the amount of loans a person can have however, there is a maximum threshold of 4,000 which has to be the maximum aggregate amount of all the loans at a given time.
At La Estrella we make loans up to Awg. 4,000/-.

Interesting Facts

Important facts that people don't know about micro lending, also known as pawnbroking or collateral lending in Aruba.

1. In La Estrella over 83% of the people come back and pay their loans and pick up their goods.
2. In La Estrella we contact the person who pawned an item at least three times before the goods are defaulted (taken over); we always try helping the person in the best way to recover their goods as we do not want keep anybody’s goods.
3. We have an interest free layaway program that if the person’s deadline has been reached and they are still interested in the goods they can have a monthly payment plan and get their goods once they complete the layaway payments.
4. La Estrella has over fourteen thousand registered clients and the number increases daily by an average number of 8 new clients.
5. To avoid stolen items La Estrella:
    a. Registers every identification, asks for a phone number and address of the person bringing the goods.
    b. We make the person that is bringing the goods; sign a contract where it makes the person responsible for the history of the goods.
    c. Has a visible sign in each office stating that we work together with the police forces.
    d. Sends biweekly reports to the police with the names, telephone numbers, and the description of the goods that have been in our stores in the last two weeks.
6. The service charge of a typical loan is on a daily basis (0.66 cents for every 100fls); if you make a loan for fls 150/- on Friday and pay the loan on Monday you total cost would be fls. 3/-
7. Most people borrow money to make it to their next paycheck or to pay the electricity or water bill (only a couple days).
8. La Estrella does not have any closing charges (Banks have a minimum fee of fls 300/- per transaction); that is more than our average loan.

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    Monday - Saturday 7.30 am - 8.00 pm
    Sunday 10.00 am - 2.00 pm

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